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Ideal ingredients for confectionery, compotes, jams and other applications

The "by-products" are those that derive from the main processing of citrus for the extraction of juice and essential oil and represent important raw materials for many finished products. The pulp and cells are the most sought after by-products that CitroGlobe can provide in "unwashed" and frozen quality; we also have the possibility to provide them in aseptic packaging but only according to specific agreements during the citrus campaign. Interesting uses have, finally, frozen peel or IQF and special preparations for citrus jams.

Prodotti Origine Bio
Blood Orange Unwashed Cells Sicily
Blond Orange Unwashed Cells Sicily
Lemon Unwashed Cells Sicily
Mandarin Unwashed Cells Sicily
Lemon/Orange/Mandarin preparation for jam Sicily
Frozen Orange, Bitter Orange,Blood Orange Peels "spellalbedo" Sicily
Frozen Orange Quarters Peel Italy
Frozen Lemon Peels "spellalbedo" Italy
Frozen Lemon Quarters Peel Italy
Frozen Lemon Zest Italy



From 10Kg to 24Kg

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From 3Kg to 10Kg


From 180Kg to 190Kg


From 900Kg to 1250Kg


From 10MT to 25MT

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