The scent of the citrus fruits

Essential Oils

Ingredients the food, cosmetics and perfumery industry

We supply a wide range of citrus essential oils obtained by cold pressed extraction. There are two extraction methods: “In-line” and “Pelatrice” that assure the best quality oil according to type of citrus and/or working period. The essential oils can be winterized according to customers’ requirement and then stored at controlled temperature in UN certified drums lacquered inside for essential oil transportation. Folded oils, distilled oil-phase and water phase from all citruses finally complete the range. The essential oils can be used as natural aroma in beverages or food or can find many applications in, frangrance, cosmetics and pharmaceutical Industry.

Prodotti Origine Bio
Cold Pressed Lemon Oil Calabria
Cold Pressed Orange Oil Sicilia
Cold Pressed Blood Orange Oil Sicilia
Cold Pressed Mandarin Oil (Green, Yellow and Red) Calabria
Cold Pressed Clementine Oil Sicilia
Cold Pressed Bergamot Oil Sicilia
Cold Pressed Yuzu* Oil Giappone



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From 5 Kg to 180Kg


From 900Kg to 1250Kg


From 10MT to 25MT

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