Freshly squeezed juices

NFC Juices

The freshness of freshly squeezed juice

The NFC Juices represent the highest quality juice in our range. NFC means Not From Concentrate and so this juice is what you simply obtain from the mechanical fruits squeezing without anything added. The juice then is refined and gently pasteurized (or not-pasteurized if required by the client) and finally filled in drum or other available packaging. This quality absolutely keeps the freshness and organoleptic characteristic of the fruit till the end customer. The Unpasteurized NFC Juice is perfectly suitable for the innovative pasteurization methods, like the HPP (High Pressure Processing) and for cold-pressed juices.

Prodotti Origine Bio
Blood Orange Juice NFC Sicily
Blond Orange Juice NFC Sicily
Lemon Juice NFC Sicily
Mandarin Juice NFC Sicily
Bergamot Juice NFC Calabria
Prickly Pear Juice NFC Sicily
Apple Juice NFC Italy
Grape Juice NFC Italy
Pear Juice NFC Italy
Pomegranate Juice NFC Italy/EU
YUZU Juice NFC Japan/Korea/Brazil



From 10Kg to 24Kg

Bag in Box

From 3Kg to 10Kg


From 180Kg to 200Kg


From 900Kg to 1250Kg


From 10MT to 25MT

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