100% fruit for high quality products

Fruit Purees

Produced without added sugar and with the best raw materials

Our fruit purees are available as NFC or Concentrates, and are studied to fulfill the needs of our partners to realize prime quality beverage and food products. We exclusively use the best raw materials to achieve the best results in terms of taste, color and flavor. They are suitable for beverages (juice, drinks and smoothies), dairy (fruit preparations, yoghurts, sorbets, ice-cream), confectionery and sauces.

Prodotti Origine Bio
Apple Puree NFC Italy
Apricot Puree NFC Italy
Blueberry Puree NFC Italy/Extra EU
Cherry Puree NFC Italy
Kiwi Puree seedless NFC Italy
Peach Puree NFC Italy
Pear Puree NFC Italy
Prickly Pear Puree NFC Italy
Strawberry Puree NFC Italy
Apple Puree Concentrate 30-32°brix Italy
Apricot Puree Concentrate 30-32°brix Italy
Peach Puree Concentrate 30-32°brix Italy
Pear Puree Concentrate 30-32°brix Italy
Prickly Pear Puree Concentrate 38°brix Italy
Tomato Paste 28-30°brix Italy



From 10Kg to 24Kg

Bag in Box

From 3Kg to 10Kg


From 180Kg to 250Kg

Goodpack or Octabins

From 900Kg to 1250Kg


From 10MT to 25MT

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