Bergamot (Citrus Bergamia) is an endemic plant of the Calabria region (Italy) cultivated along the southern coast. Only fifteen hundred hectares of bergamot trees which 90% goes from Villa San Giovanni, on strict of Messina, till Siderno.

The fruit of Calabria


It has long been used for the extraction of its essential oil from the fruit peel, mainly used in both perfume industry and aromatherapy and for tea production (famous earl grey) but recently became more and more popular in food and beverage sector thanks to its great health properties of the juice and extract.
Bergamot is rich in polyphenols, natural compounds with antioxidant properties. One study, which supplemented both rats and humans suffering from hyperlipidemia with bergamot extract, found that after 30 days, it reduced “total and LDL cholesterol levels (an effect accompanied by elevation of cHDL), triglyceride levels and by a significant decrease in blood glucose. The bitterness of the fruit actually helps make Bergamot so remarkable and naturally lower cholesterol. Naringenin, a constituent in Bergamot that scientists have isolated gives citrus fruits their bitter taste and also provides a variety of health benefits.
Naringenin is known to increase antioxidant activity, which protects cells from oxidative stress. Antioxidants keep the body safe from free radicals and reduce the risk for diseases such as cancer and heart disease.
While preventing harmful effects caused by free radicals is a major health benefit, scientists are more interested in the statin-like qualities of naringenin and other compounds in Bergamot. Researchers have been able to isolate 3-hydroxymethylyglutaryl flavonoid glycosides in citrus bergamot polyphenolic extract. These compounds exhibit an ability to inhibit cholesterol production in the liver, similarly to statin medicines.
Although the science is still emerging, bergamot has other potential benefits, since its unique polyphenols target several factors of metabolic syndrome.


Bergamot juice can find application for ice-cream production, sorbets, cocktails or used for drinks or juice production combined also with other fruit juices such as apple or orange.
Our bergamot range includes:
- Bergamot Puree NFC, conventional and organic;
- Bergamot Juice NFC, conventional and organic;
- Bergamot Juice Concentrate, conventional;
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