Sorbet base

Easy-to-use, high quality product

Sorbet base

Our sorbet base is an easy-to-use high quality product made from 100% real NFC (Not From Concentrate) Fruit Juices and Purees.
There is not any addition of colorings or aromas, just the taste of the fruit juice or puree used for the specific flavor. The fruit juice/puree content is around 40% for each taste, except of lemon (20-25%) due to strong flavor and acidity of this fruit.
This innovative and versatile product is the result of several years of experience in the ice cream and fruit juice production that made this unique product available in the market.
Thanks to its formulation and the wide range of available packaging, the small ice cream producer, as well as the big manufacturing industry, can use this fruit ice-cream base.

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  • No reefer transport or storage required
  • Ready to use, no need to add any ingredient
  • Different packaging available, for small users up to industry (3 or 5 kg bag-in-box with vacuum tap, up to 1000 liters aseptic octabins)
  • Shelf-stable (18 months shelf-life ambience, 1 month once vacuum tap is opened)
  • Possibility to dose the part of base you need, and to keep the rest in the aseptic bag for further uses
  • No waste (just recyclable carton and plastic bag)
  • Keep clean the laboratory (users don’t need to add ingredients, there’s no other packaging around, no need to melt or mix ingredients etc.)
  • The result is an extremely creamy sorbet, even without any milk;
  • Great choice of tastes (Lemon, Mandarin, Orange, Blood Orange, Peach, Blueberry and many others..)
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